Uproar Team Publishes Original Animation on UN Advocacy

From lobbying in Geneva to live monitoring in Benin, Uproar's animation 'Diary of an Advocate at the UN' shows the process of advocating for digital rights at the UN.

Hannah Machlin, Dodo Wang, Uproar

October 17, 2023

Our latest Uproar video ‘Diary of an Advocate at the UN’ is finally out after months of hard work behind the scenes!

Follow the journey of a human rights advocate working with Uproar at the UN to engage with the Universal Periodic Review.

We created this video to show what it’s like to lobby for human rights at the UN, shedding light on how someone can engage with the UPR during the pre-session. From lobbying in Geneva to live monitoring at home, this video explains the advocacy that takes place in pre-session through to the end of the UPR cycle.

“With the three year hiatus from in-person activities in Geneva during the pandemic, the majority of our partners in the Uproar network have not participated in advocacy at the UN. With this video, we want to show our current advocates and others what exactly happens in Geneva, showing how the UPR process isn’t as daunting as it might seem “

Hannah Machlin, Advocacy Manager, Uproar


Visuals: Surasti Puri and Ethan Salmon

Voiceover: Shay Thompson

Subtitles: Dodo Wang

Script: Dodo Wang and Hannah Machlin

Engineer and Music: Curtis Elvidge

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