get involved!

The UPR is a huge opportunity for you to put digital rights on the agenda in your country. That said, it’s not always immediately clear how you can get engaged in a meaningful way.

But don’t worry, there’s always something you can do to contribute. That might mean building campaigns based on your country’s promises from the last cycle. It could mean engaging with policymakers to discuss their progress in bringing about change. Or it might mean drafting up new recommendations for other states to make to your government in the next review.

You have the power to bring about real change. Here’s how we can make it happen together.


We’re seeking partnerships with digital rights organisations in our target countries to help us conduct research on the state of digital rights locally. The documentation we create from these research efforts will be submitted to the UPR process, and will help guide our advocacy efforts.

Civil Society Survey

We need representatives from civil society to tell us how well they think their countries are doing in supporting digital rights. By answering this survey you can help us understand the digital rights challenges you face every day, and inform our advocacy agenda.


Over the course of this project, we’re offering training support to digital rights organisations to help them develop effective and well-targeted advocacy strategies around the UPR.

UPROAR will be working with DATA4CHAN.GE and leading UPR experts to deliver these advocacy and campaigning training sessions. 

Attend Our Workshops!

Our next workshop is taking place in the run-up to the 2018 Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa in Accra, Ghana in September 2018. Applications are now closed. Please check back later for more opportunities.


Small Media’s teams of designers and developers are on hand to offer tailored technology support to digital rights organisations with innovative and exciting campaign ideas. We’re also supporting local digital rights organisations to start collecting high-quality data on internet censorship and surveillance.

Add Technical Data

Want to start producing data? You can use the OONI Probe mobile app to start collecting and sharing data on surveillance and censorship in your country – data that is incredibly useful for digital rights advocates!

Click through to OONI’s quick start guide, and learn all about how you can support digital rights advocacy today!