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Article 26 of the 2010 State Security Law prohibits insulting the country or the president and the 2006 Press Law holds authors and editors liable for libellous content.

In 2015, WikiLeaks published leaks revealing government attempts to acquire Hacking Team’s ‘Remote Control System’ - a form of spyware currently used by a number of oppressive regimes.

In addition to this, there have been numerous arrests of social media users for content they have published, and the government enforced SIM card registration requirements in 2016.

Internet penetration is currently almost 30% and mobile penetration is 60%. With a significant increase in foreign investment, the mobile market has soared, with a number of 3G networks being rolled out. Infrastructure is thus improving very rapidly.

Recommendations Received, Cycle 2

Further promote freedom of expression, association and the press

Recommending State: Senegal

Improve the space for free operation of independent media, including state media, reinforce monitoring and sanctioning of abuses of media legislation and create an enabling working environment for journalists

Recommending State: Czechia

Ensure freedom of expression and media freedom by bringing national legislation into line with international standards, including by decriminalizing defamation and related offences in relevant national laws

Recommending State: Estonia