We have defined four regions (East Africa, Western Africa, Southern Africa, and MENA), each comprising 5 carefully selected target countries. In addition to selecting countries that Small Media and its partners have experience working in, 21 countries were selected in total after being subjected to the following rubric of qualifying criteria.


  • Scheduled for review during the third cycle of the UPR (2017-2021)

  • Known for internet freedom violations


  • They are ‘swing states’ or ‘emerging markets’ per WRR Policy Brief

  • They did not vote for the adoption of the ITRs at WCIT-12

A review of the UPR recommendations submitted during previous cycles for these countries has shown a lack of targeting of internet freedom issues. Through our selection mechanism we have identified countries where there is the most scope for guiding through positive legislation and policy frameworks to govern internet use.

Our methodology ties in with the Netherlands’ overall objective to grow the coalition of countries convinced that a free, open, and secure internet is in their own national interests by broadening the participation of countries in discussions about cyber issues, strengthening public/private partnerships and multistakeholder decision-making, and, most importantly, developing cyber-related knowledge and expertise in third countries.