the universal periodic review


It’s Universal

Every UN member state has its human rights record assessed, and all UN member states are involved in the review process.


It’s Periodic

It happens every four-and-a-half years, for every state.

UPROAR assets_REVIEW.png

It’s A Review

It’s a full assessment of a country’s human rights record over the previous four-and-a-half year period.

At each UPR session, states under review receive policy recommendations from all other UN member states, and must either:

  • Support them (promising to implement them in the next 4.5 years), or;

  • Note them (declining to take action on the recommendation)

The process is state-led, but there are lots of opportunities for civil society to influence the process, and lobby states to make the recommendations they think are most important.

We want to help you get engaged with this process, and lobby states to make digital rights recommendations to your state when it comes under review.

Still confused? We’ve mapped out the process below. Click on each of the images to view them in more detail.