Advancing Digital Rights in Jordan

Digital rights are seriously under threat in Jordan, with state policy adversely affecting the work of civil society in some pretty significant ways. In September we travelled to the UPR-info pre-sessions in Geneva with civil society activists from Nigeria and Jordan to meet with member states and implore them to make digital rights recommendations, and we did pretty well! Read the blog post to find out more.

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Welcome to UPROAR!

In June 2016, the UN passed a resolution affirming that all human rights enjoyed offline should also be guaranteed online. Despite this, it’s no secret that digital rights are in crisis globally. Threats of state surveillance, censorship and malicious attacks are more widespread than ever before. Find out what we’re doing to try to change that.

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Engaging With the Universal Periodic Review

There are so many different ways that civil society can get engaged in the Universal Periodic Review process. We’ve mapped out the different phases and opportunities for engagement, and over the next four years we’re going to partner up with civil society organisations in our target countries to campaign to get internet freedom and digital rights on the agenda. Are you with us?

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