Burkina Faso

The government of Burkina Faso should protect freedom of expression by abolishing severe punishments for speech related offences.

Burkina Faso is a country located in West Africa with a population estimate of 22.1 million. Its 1991 Constitution provides for various rights including the rights to freedom of expression, opinion, privacy, association, assembly and others. Reporters without Borders describes it as ‘’one of Africa’s success stories’’ thanks to its ‘’dynamic, professional and diverse media’’. The country made notable democratic progress following the departure of President Blaise Compaoré. The media environment has improved and defamation was decriminalized, although heavy fines and closures of media outlets can still be prescribed as punishments. Additionally, 2019 amendments to the criminal code prescribed severe punishments for the publication of ‘’false information’’. Freedom of expression is largely unrestricted and NGOs operate freely, however, legal restrictions and violent threats from Islamist militant groups hinder such activities.

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Burkina Faso was last reviewed in May 2023.

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